Certainly, trying to get pregnant can be very stressful. While people often assume that it should just happen - it can come as a surprise when it doesn't "just" happen as you expect. Before trying IVF and other medical fertility treatments, it's certainly worthwhile to give natural fertility methods a try. Here are a number of helpful ways to boost your fertility and naturally jumpstart your body.

One great thing about  natural fertility options is that they serve an alternative function as well. Even if they don't create better fertility, they will help you to relax and bond with your partner. And these are great benefits no matter what else happens!


Aromatherapy consists of a series of essential oils that are used to relax the body. They are either massaged into the body or are used in a bath where oils are put into the water. Aromatherapy has many benefits for the body and is supposed to help with fertility issues. It regularizes menstrual cycles which certainly helps you to time your conception and increase your chances of conceiving. Aromatherapy is known to relax and reduce stress.  It can also help with depression. Perhaps most importantly, it has the ability to work as an aphrodisiac, bringing the couple closer together. 


This ancient medical practice consists of having sterilized needles placed on the patient's body at specific points. It is supposed to help the body realign and rebalance its energy. It has been proven to release hormones which help with relaxation. Very often, women will use acupuncture along with medical fertility methods such as IVF. Men can also use acupuncture to deal with various fertility problems.


There is actually a type of yoga designed for couples with fertility issues. It's called Fertility Yoga and it combines basic yoga principles with specific positions that are designed to increase reproductive health. Whether or not it enhances fertility, it will help the couple bond and relax. It can also help you to feel better physically and to enhance your muscle tone. It also increases blood circulation, reduces fatigue levels and helps alleviate stress.


Hydrotherapy includes a series of exercises that are done in the pool, using the resistance that is natural in the water. Hydrotherapy helps to improve circulation, to reduce stress and enhance digestion. Fertility issues are often caused by stress and depression, and hydrotherapy helps to relieve these feelings, hopefully improving fertility.

These are some of the many natural fertility ideas that just might help you to get through this difficult time. It's certainly worthwhile to explore your many natural fertility options, before exploring your medical choices.