Natural Infertility Help

Before you begin using a great deal of medical intervention for your infertility, you should try a number of natural methods and lifestyle changes. Take a look at yourself, your diet, your food, your stress and more. Making changes in these areas could vastly improve your chances of becoming pregnant. And, even if you don't get pregnant naturally, and you have to have medical intervention, these suggestions will help to promote healthy living and a better overall body for you.

Thyroid Problems

Thyroid issues are actually quite common - and many women don't even know that they have a problem. Ask your doctor to check your thyroid with a simple thyroid test. These tests can be done by taking blood and should focus on thyroid stimulating hormone levels so that they can rule out thyroid problems that might keep you from conceiving.

Nutritional Problems

If you eat a balanced diet and maintain a normal weight, you probably don't have nutritional problems. Many people, however, don't eat as well as they think that they do, and they are depriving their bodies of many essential nutrients. If you have a deficiency of vitamins, you can seriously hurt your fertility. Fertility problems and miscarriages have been tied to protein problems and B-12 issues. For men, a lack of zinc and selenium can lead to sterility. If you aren't sure that you have a balanced diet, visit a nutritionist and have her or him go over your weekly diet with you. They might recommend changes in what you eat and in the vitamins that you take. For women who are trying to conceive, they should definitely be taking a multivitamin as well.

Gluten Problems

While some people think that this is extreme - gluten really has been tied to infertility. Some couples have found that when they eliminated gluten from their lives entirely, they were able to conceive. A few studies have indicated that a completely gluten-free diet has helped in this way. It's certainly worth a try!

Stress Problems

Finally, while you can't have a completely stress-free life, you can try to limit your levels of stress. Stress really does have an impact on your fertility. It makes you more tense, less likely to talk about your feelings, less likely to want to be intimate, and more. The more that you find ways to relieve your stress, such as through yoga, aromatherapy, and hydrotherapy, the better off you'll be. Even if reducing your stress doesn't help you to conceive - it will help you to feel better about your life and to put less stress on your heart!

Trying these natural fertility suggestions certainly can't hurt. Perhaps you'll find that you feel better when you cut certain things out of your diet and when you try to change your lifestyle. Perhaps they will help you to conceive. Even if they don't, they will certainly help you to lead a healthier lifestyle, and there is no harm in trying natural fertility methods before you try fertility drugs and other interventions.