Hostile Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus is the jelly-like vaginal secretion that is produced by glands in your cervical canal. This mucus varies in consistency and appearance, depending on the stage of your cycle, and it plays an important part in your ability to conceive. Cervical mucus protects viable sperm from the too-acid environment of the vagina which can render them immobile, and helps sperm waft their way on up through the uterus to your fallopian tubes where they can fertilize your egg and create a baby. Cervical mucus also serves to act as a barrier to abnormal sperm, which find it hard to make their way through your secretions.

Frustrating Experience

In the condition known as hostile cervical mucus, however, the mucus is too thick to allow sperm to penetrate the cervix, thus preventing conception. This hostile cervical mucus is a common side effect of the fertility drug known as Clomid—a frustrating experience, but one which can be counteracted by taking a few measures which should put things to right.

One such measure would include the use of Pre-seed, a lubricant that has been proven to counteract the problem of hostile mucus by creating a more beneficial environment for sperm. Other lubricants are not favorable to sperm and may reduce your chances of conception since they may harm sperm.

Cough Medicine?

Another simple measure you can take against the hostile cervical mucus problem is to take Robitussin, the over-the-counter cough syrup. The active ingredient in Robitussin, guaifenesin, has been proven to thin the cervical mucus. If you can't find Robitussin in your local pharmacy, look for any cough syrup in which guaifenesin is the only active ingredient, since other ingredients common to cough syrups may inhibit the effect of guaifenesin in thinning your cervical mucus. Guaifenesin is also available in pill form.

The recommended dose of Robitussin is 200 milligrams, or two teaspoons, taken three times a day, by mouth. If your mucus still seems too thick, you may increase the dose up to the maximum amount allowed according to the label of the cough medicine. Increasing your water intake is a good idea, since this serves to encourage cervical mucus production. Drink a full glass of water every time you take a dose of guaifenesin.

Doctors recommend you take Robitussin for five days before, plus the day you ovulate, for a total of 6 days of treatment. This should provide sperm with the best possible environment to survive and get where they're going. If you're being treated with Clomid, you should take the Robitussin only after you take the last Clomid pill for your cycle.