Positive Results

Congratulations! You have received a positive pregnancy test � and are likely overcome by the joy and uncertainly that often surround this exciting time. But before you get carried away by your emotions, it�s a good idea to develop a plan on how to proceed from this moment onward.

The Joy Of Pregnancy

For those couples who were previously experiencing infertility or other fertility problems, a positive pregnancy test can be especially overwhelming - particularly if they experienced a prior miscarriage, or other pregnancy loss. To help move from feelings of sorrow to joy, it�s important to realize these are common reactions to pregnancy after infertility. In time, you and your partner will be able to enjoy your pregnancy. Don't feel pressured to be overjoyed about your pregnancy.  You may be afraid that the news is too good to be true.  Allow your mind and body to absorb the news slowly and give yourself as much time as you need to feel the joy of pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy

Of course, even those couples who have never experienced a loss will need to read up on how to ensure they are prepared to have a healthy pregnancy. One of the most important factors in this respect is maintaining good physical health. Learn how to stay healthy so that both you and your baby are well prepared for the future. And don't forget to start on folic acid and prenatal supplements as soon as a possible to help minimize the risk for birth defects with your baby.